We have recently upgraded our coffins to a new and improved style. To find out more, click here.
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Our Coffins

We will shortly be updating the website with our new and improved coffins. In the meantime please see below for details of the new style coffin which is available in all of the same beautiful designs as before.



Our coffins combine beautiful designs, contemporary styling and an incredibly strong structure, with impressive green credentials, to provide for a send-off that is personal, dignified and environmentally friendly.

Using cutting-edge engineering and printing techniques enables us to produce a cardboard coffin that has no visible folds, a traditional style rounded lid and a beautiful matt finish.

Fully compliant with the latest regulations and load tested to 25 stone (163kgs) our coffins are suitable for cremation, burial or green burial and come with the option of load bearing handles.

Sizes – Internal Measurements

5’8″ x 20″ (shoulder) x 12″
6’0″ x 22″ (shoulder) x 13″
6’5″ x 24″ (shoulder) x 14″

Custom sizes are available on request.

Environmental Credentials

Creative Coffins are manufactured in the UK using at least 98% cardboard and paper of which 70% is recycled (post-consumer waste).

There are no toxic glues or formaldehyde, only corn starch glue and environmentally friendly inks. Even our handles are made from natural woven cotton.

Materials are sourced in the UK and the coffins not only use 40% less material to manufacture but being lighter than the average coffin reduces the environmental impact of transportation too.

Fully fitted biodegradable lining options are also available.

For prices and further information, please contact us.